Degree Requirements

Science Secondary Education, MSE

 Important Notice

The UW-River Falls College of Education and Professional Studies and the Graduate Council are no longer accepting applications for the MSE-Secondary Education, Science Program.

Current students must complete their program of study by December 2013. If you have questions, please contact your adviser.

Degree Requirements

Select biology, chemistry, geology/earth science or physics as an area of specialization. The program consists of 30 semester hours as follows:

12 credits in key concepts core courses
9 credits in science electives (1-2 credit hours courses)
3 credits independent paper/project/research
6 credits in education

Key Concept Core Courses, 12 credits:
BIOL 701 Neuroscience, 4 credits
BIOL 702 Emerging Infectious Diseases, 4 credits
BIOL 703 Field Botany for Teachers, 4 credits
CHEM 705 Chemical Instrumentation and Analysis, 4 credits
CHEM 706 Giant Molecules-The Chemistry of Polymers, 4 credits
CHEM 707 Bioorganic Chemistry Concepts and Activities for Lecture and Laboratory, 4 credits
GEOL 700 Earth Surface Processes, 4 credits
GEOL 703 Minerals Rock, 4 credits
GEOL 704 Atmospheres and Surface Phenomena on Earth and Other Planets, 4 credits
GEOL 705 Field Geology for Teachers, 4 credits
PHYS 700 Mechanics for Secondary School Teachers, 4 credits
PHYS 701 Electricity and Magnetism for Secondary School Teachers, 4 credits
PHYS 704 Modern Physics for Secondary School Teachers, 4 credits

Science Electives (from any discipline), 9 credits:
Students choose from the two-credit science electives in the various disciplines or take additional core courses. Examples of two-credit courses are:

Environmental Assessment by Insect Inventory; Evolution for Teachers, Inquiry-based Labs Using C-Fern as a Model System, Biological Image Analysis for Teachers
Life in Extreme Environments, Organic Chemistry of Compounds from Natural Sources, Chemical Demonstrations
Dinosaurs for Teachers, Catastrophes in Earth History, Oceanography for Teachers, Plate Tectonics for Teachers
Science in the Ice, Laser Physics for Secondary School Teachers, Astronomy for Secondary School Teachers, Optics for Secondary School Teachers, Acoustics for Secondary School Teachers

Paper/Project/Research, 3 credits:
This component is designed in cooperation with a faculty advisor. There will be opportunities to access research data from UW-Madison as well as UW-River Falls and utilize these data with selected students in special projects in the secondary school setting.

Education, 6 credits:
TED 760 Methods of Research, 3 credits
And one of the following courses:
TED 740 Historical/Philosophical/Multicultural Foundations of American Education, 4 credits
TED 750 Advanced Educational Psychology, 3 credits
TED 755 Social Issues in Education, 3 credits
Completion of a certification portfolio as specified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.