Elementary Education, MSE

Overview of Program

Degree Requirements

Professional education courses, 34 credits
TED 700 Curriculum in the Elementary School, 3 credits
TED 705 Language Arts in the Elementary School, 3 credits
TED 710 Social Studies in the Elementary School, 3 credits
TED 715 Science in the Elementary School, 3 credits
TED 720 Mathematics in the Elementary School, 3 credits
TED 740 Historical/Philosophical/Multicultural Foundations of American Education, 4 credits
TED 745 Psychology of Teaching, 6 credits
READ 661 Psychology and Pedagogy of Literacy, 3 credits
READ 760 Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School, 3 credits
SPED 530 The Exceptional Child, 3 credits

Student teaching, 12 credits
TED 472 Student Teaching: Elementary School, 12 credits

Undergraduate coursework required for elementary certification:

  • Written Communication
  • Oral Communication
  • Math for Elementary Teachers
  • Social Studies
  • Environmental Education
  • Physical Science
  • Humanities/Literature
  • Non-western History or Culture
  • Music course
  • Art course

Coursework equivalents from your undergraduate work may be counted for the above credits. Any courses needed from the list can be completed at any time in the program, but must be finished to receive a license.

Certification requires successful completion of all coursework, with an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the advanced program, student teaching and a certification portfolio. Students should consult with their advisor on Wisconsin Department of Public Instructionlink portfolio requirements.

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