Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Applied Science in Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Degree Requirements

To graduate, students will have completed 120 credits with at least 48 credits earned at a four-year institution. At least 30 credits must be from UW-River Falls, including the final 15 credits. In addition, students must complete all General Education and University requirements.

Transferring Credit

Credit will be awarded for college-level course work completed at accredited institutions. While general education credits are generally accepted from two-year colleges, this program makes it possible for students to receive university credit for technical and work specific courses as well. For more information on how your college credits will transfer to UW-River Falls, visit the Transfer Credit Policy web page or contact Admissions.

Required Courses: 30 cr.

GEOG 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Science, 3 cr.
GEOG 351 Map Design, 3 cr.
GEOG 360 GIS: Theory and Methods, 3 cr.
GEOG 401 Senior Seminar, 3 cr.

Statistics Requirement: 3 cr.
Choose one course from the following:

GEOG 365 Quantitative Analysis, 3 cr.
MATH 216 Elementary Statistical Concepts, 3 cr.
MATH 226 Fundamentals of Statistics, 3 cr.
SOCI 250 Introduction to Social Statistics, 3 cr.

Intermediate Directed Electives: 3 - 6 cr.

GEOG 366 Field Methods in Geography and GIS, 3 cr.
GEOG 368 Digital Image Processing, 3 cr.

Advanced Directed Electives: 3 - 6 cr.

GEOG 455 Advanced Map Design, 3 cr.
GEOG 460 GIS: Analysis and Modeling, 3 cr.

Electives: 3 - 9 cr.

ESM 333 Remote Sensing of Natural Resources, 3 cr.
ESM 363 GIS Applications in Resource Management, 3 cr.
CSIS 161 Programming I, 3 cr.
CSIS 162 Programming II, 3 cr.
CSIS 239 Introduction to Data Science, 3 cr.
CSIS 333 Database Management Systems, 3 cr.
CSIS 334 Data Visualization, 3 cr.

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