Food Processing Technology Minor

Food Processing Technology Minor 22-24 cr. hrs.

Required Courses
FDSC 110 The Science of Food 3 cr.
FDSC 113 Introduction to Food Science Laboratory 1 cr.
FDSC 235 Agricultural Microbiology 3 cr.
FDSC 320 Food Quality Assurance 3 cr.
FDSC 361 Food Ingredients and Analysis 3 cr.

Directed Electives 6 cr. hrs.
FDSC 202 Dairy Manufacturing I and
FDSC 302 Dairy Manufacturing II
FDSC 238 Meat and Meat Products and
FDSC 240 Meat Product Processing
AGEN 352 Food and Process Engineering and
AGEN 455 Advanced Food and Process Engineering

Electives 3-5 cr. hrs.
Any additional courses from Directed Electives not already taken
AGBI 251 Agricultural Biochemistry 3 cr. and AGBI 252 Agricultural Biochemistry Lab 1 cr.
BIOL 324 Microbiology 4 cr.
CHEM 360 Foundation of Biochemistry 4 cr.
FDSC 270 or FDSC 370 Internship 2-4 cr.
FDSC 422 Product Development and Sensory Evaluation of Food 4 cr.
FDSC 490 Independent Study

Department of Animal and Food Science

247 Agricultural Science

Gary Onan-Chair, Casie Bass, Larry Baumann, Dennis Cooper, Michelle Farner, Sylvia Kehoe, Steve Kelm, Justin Luther, Nathan O'Connor, Amy Radunz, Beth Rausch, Peter Rayne, Danielle Smarsh, Kurt Vogel, Bonnie Walters, Steve Watters