Degree Requirements

Film Studies Minor

Total Required Credit Hours: 24

All classes are 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

Required Courses (6 Credit Hours):  

FILM 200 Introduction to Film Studies
FILM 301 History of Film
(Co-listed as ENGL 301, HIST 301, or JOUR 301)

Directed Electives (18 Credit Hours):

FILM 248 Cultures in Conflict
FILM 300 Women in Film
(Co-listed as ENGL 300/WGST 300)
FILM 302 History of Documentary
(Co-listed as JOUR 302)
FILM 305 News in the Movies
(Co-listed as JOUR 305)
FILM 306 Postcolonial Film and Literature (g)
(Co-listed as ENGL 306)
FILM 307 Ethnic Film, Literature and Culture (d)
(Co-listed as ENGL 307)
FILM 309 Film and Literature of the New Europe (g)
(Co-listed as ENGL 309)
FILM 310 Sociology Through Film
(Co-listed as SOCI 310)
FILM 315 German Classic and Modern Film
(Co-listed as MODL 315)
FILM 316 History of French Film (g)
(co-listed as FREN 316)
FILM 317 Modern East Asian Literature and Cinema (g)
(Co-listed as ENGL 317)
FILM 343 The Novel and Film Adaptations
(Co-listed as ENGL 343)
FILM 389 Special Topics
(Co-listed HIST/JOUR/MUS/SOCI, which offer individual courses)
FILM 402 History in Film
(Co-listed as HIST 402)
FILM 442 World Cinema (g)
(Co-listed as ENGL 442)
FILM 495 Independent Study 1-3 cr.
FILM 499 Directed Project in Film


Stage And Screen Arts
B24 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary minor offered by the Department of Stage And Screen Arts. Film Studies examines film as an art form, as an industry, and as the most popular and most influential communication medium of the twentieth century. Film Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to visual literacy as it introduces students to film history, theory, criticism, and production.