Degree Requirements

Food Science Minor

Food Science Minor: 22 Total Credits

Required Courses: 11-13 cr. hrs.
FDSC 110 Science of Food 3 cr.
FDSC 113 Intro Food Science Lab 1cr.
Choose one of the following three courses:
FDSC 202 Dairy Manufacturing I
or FDSC 238 Meat and Meat Products
or FDSC 259 Cereal Technology 3 cr.

Choose one of the following:
FDSC 240 Meat Product Processing 3 cr
FDSC 302 Dairy Manufacturing II 3 cr.
FDSC 312 and 313 Food Processing and Lab 5 cr.

Choose one of the following:
FDSC 385 Seminar in Food Science 1 cr.
FDSC 485 Seminar in Food Science 1 cr.

Food Science electives (6 credits must be 300 or above) 9-11 cr. hrs.
All remaining FDSC courses
BIOL 324 Microbiology 4 cr.
CHEM 355 Separations
AGBI 251 and AGBI 252 Agricultural Biochemistry and Lab or CHEM 361 Biochemistry I
AGEN 455 Food and Process Engineering II

Department of Animal and Food Science

247 Agricultural Science

Gary Onan-Chair, Larry Baumann, Perry Clark, Dennis Cooper,  Kari Ekenstedt, Michelle Farner, Kristina Hiney, Sylvia Kehoe, Steve Kelm, Justin Luther, Nathan O'Connor, Amy Radunz, Peter Rayne, Kurt Vogel, Bonnie Walters, Steve Watters