Degree Requirements

Early Childhood Degree Completion and Certification

Required Courses

Early childhood major courses typically completed as part of associate degree (25 credits):

TED 211 Educational Psychology
TED 225 Developmental Learning Experiences of Young Children
TED 330 Infant and Toddler Programs
TED 332 Preschool Curriculum
TED 345 Parent Education and Family Development
TED 400 Supervision and Management of Early Childhood Programs
TED 405 Early Childhood Special Needs
TED 410 Early Childhood Language Arts

Additional UWRF early childhood major courses (59 credits):

MUS 275 Music and Art for Early Learners
P ED 246 Health and Movement Activities for Children
TED 155 Intro to Tech Integration and the Reflective Multimedia
TED 255 Children's Literature for Elementary Education
TED 321 Early Childhood Integrated Reading and Language Arts I
TED 322 Early Childhood Integrated Reading and Language Arts II
TED 323 Content and Techniques of K-3 Mathematics I
TED 324 Content & Techniques of K-3 Mathematics II
TED 325 Diversity in Early Childhood Settings
TED 326 Place-Based Environmental Science for Early Childhood Educators
TED 335 Kindergarten Curriculum and Materials
TED 350 Pre-K – Early Elementary Learning Challenges
TED 409 English Language Learners in Early Childhood
TED 411 Leadership and Advocacy for Young Children
TED 424 Inquiry Learning: Society and Environment for Early Elementary
TED 451 Integrating Alternative Methodologies of Early Childhood Education
TED 480 Early Childhood Student Teaching

UWRF University and General Education Requirements (36 credits)

Early Childhood Degree Only

Another option in the Early Childhood Degree Completion and Certification. program allows individuals with an associate degree in early childhood education or child development to apply credits earned toward a Bachelor of Science degree.


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