Degree Requirements

Creative Writing Minor

Creative Writing Minor: 24 credits

Required Courses 12 credits

ENGL 251 Advanced Composition
ENGL 253 Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 262 Creative Writing
ENGL 368 Writing Poetry
ENGL 369 Writing Fiction
ENGL 382 Writing Workshop Poetry & Prose

Directed Electives 12 credits

Select two courses from the following
ENGL 370 Writing Nonfiction
ENGL 381  Screenwriting

Select one genre course
ENGL 230 International Short Fiction (g)
ENGL 231 The Short Story
ENGL 232 Contemporary Drama
ENGL 233 Introduction to Poetry
ENGL 234 Modern Novels

The Creative Writing minor is a preparation for writing for personal pleasure as well as for publication. This minor can be taken in combination with an English major; however, students should consult this handbook to plan substitutions for overlapping requirements. Students who choose the Creative Writing minor should plan their programs with Dr. Joseph Rein.