College Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Bachelor of Arts

General Education: 38 cr. hrs.

Major: 34-36 cr. hrs.

The courses taken to satisfy the Language Competency, International Component and College Requirement may not be counted toward the major. However, they may be counted toward an optional minor, as a minor is not required for the BA degree.

Language Competency: 14-17 cr. hrs. (see test-out rules)
This requirement can be met by satisfying one of the following guidelines:
Two years of one foreign language taught at UWRF or transferred;
Test-out into 100 or 200 level and complete through the 202 course;
Test-out into 300 level and complete the 301 course.
Modern Languages majors can satisfy this requirement by:
Taking 14 credits in a language other than the language of the major; or
taking 14 credits of additional coursework selected from the College Requirements and/or the International Component; or completing a minor in another field.

International Component: 6 cr. hrs.
Select international experience and/or international focus courses.
International experience courses:
INTS 370, 377; HUM 374; ART/ENGL 376; MODL 376, 377
International focus courses:
ART 314, 318; ECON 328, 344; ENGL 441; GEOG 340, 342, 343, 344; HIST 201, 349, 371; HUM 261; INTS 200; MODLˆFREN 342, GERM 342, SPAN 342, 346; MUS 300; PHIL 245; POLS 245, 346, 347, 348, 349; and all departments 378.

College Requirement 12-14 cr. hrs.
Courses must be outside the department of the major. Courses must be taken from at least three groups but must include Philosophy as one of the groups.
Philosophy - 200 level or higher;
History of the arts (art, music, theatre, dance) - 200 level or higher: ART 211, 212, 311, 312, 314, 318; MUS 234, 235; CSTA 337, 338, 339;
Literature (from English or Modern Language departments) - 300 level or higher;
History - 200 level or higher;
Arts and Ideas-Humanities 255, 256;
Supporting Courses/Electives 8-13 cr. hrs. as needed to achieve 120 credits.

Diversity Requirement
A three-credit course which may be double-counted toward any requirement or may be applied toward electives.

TOTAL 120 cr. hrs.