Animal Science Minor

Animal Science Minor

Minor Requirements: 22 cr. hrs.
Required Courses: 12 cr. hrs.

ANSC 111 Introduction to Animal Science 3 cr.
ANSC 231 Principles of Nutrition 3 cr.
ANSC 232 Applied Feeds and Feeding 3 cr.
ANSC 257 Genetics 3 cr.
Directed Electives 3-4 cr. hrs.
Choose one course from the following:

ANSC 365 Poultry Production 3 cr.
ANSC 366 Swine Production 3 cr.
ANSC 367 Beef Production 3 cr.
ANSC 368 Sheep Production 3 cr.
ANSC 369 Equine Production 4 cr.
Animal Science Electives 6-7 cr. hrs.
Any combination of additional Animal Science (ANSC) courses to bring total credits in minor to a minimum of 22 cr. hrs.


Department of Animal and Food Science

247 Agricultural Science

Gary Onan-Chair, Larry Baumann, Perry Clark, Dennis Cooper, Michelle Farner, Sylvia Kehoe, Steve Kelm, Justin Luther, Nathan O'Connor, Amy Radunz, Peter Rayne, Danielle Smarsh, Kurt Vogel, Bonnie Walters, Steve Watters, Casie Bass, Beth Rausch