Degree Requirements

Animal Science Minor

Animal Science Minor

Minor Requirements: 22 cr. hrs.
Required Courses: 12 cr. hrs.

ANSC 100 Introduction to Animal Science 3 cr.
ANSC 231 Principles of Nutrition 3 cr.
ANSC 232 Applied Feeds and Feeding 3 cr.
ANSC 257 Genetics 3 cr.
Directed Electives 3-4 cr. hrs.
Choose one course from the following:

ANSC 365 Poultry Production 3 cr.
ANSC 366 Swine Production 3 cr.
ANSC 367 Beef Production 3 cr.
ANSC 368 Sheep Production 3 cr.
ANSC 369 Equine Production 4 cr.
Animal Science Electives 6-7 cr. hrs.
Any combination of additional Animal Science (ANSC) courses to bring total credits in minor to a minimum of 22 cr. hrs.