Computer, Information, and Data Sciences

CIDS Internships

In CIDS, you have to take either one of the following:

  • CIDS 484 Capstone and do a project in your senior year


  • CIDS 379 Internship usually in your junior year

Before you register for CIDS 379, you do have to find a paid job that involves courses in your major. There are a lot of local organizations that would love to have you intern for them.

It is best to use Handshake to look for open positions in the local area or nationally:

  • For example 3M recruits UWRF students in September/October for internships during the following summer!
  • Other organizations will hire later in the school year too.
  • Medtronic, MN IT, Target, Jack Link's, Schwan's, Lexis Nexis and a number of other organizations in the Twin Cities hires interns to work remotely or in person

Once you have secured employment, you should apply for approval from the Internship Coordinator (Dr. A. Varghese). Once your internship is approved, you will get a permission number to register for CIDS 379.

When you register for CIDS 379, note that you can request anywhere from 1 to 6 credits; it defaults to 1 credit and so you will have to remember to sign up for 3 credits. Most people sign up for 3 credits since that's what is required for CIDS 379 to count towards your major.

Most of the interaction with the CIDS department occurs via Canvas - there will be a number of Progress Reports that that you will have to submit - 1 Progress Report for each credit you signed up for. There will also be an online "Site Interview" that you will have to arrange with your supervisor at work and the CIDS Internship Coordinator - Dr. A Varghese; finally, there will be a Final Reflection Paper you will have to submit when you are close to done with your internship.