Broad Field Social Studies, History Emphasis

The broad field social studies major prepares the student to become a social studies teacher on the secondary level (grades 5-12). The programs include the major, general education requirements, and the licensure requirements. The program is also designed to meet the requirements for broad field social studies teaching licenses in Wisconsin. In addition, the program can be used as an entry point to a variety of graduate programs and professional schools. Since a major in one of the social sciences is part of the broad field social studies program, students have flexibility in future career opportunities.Students learn life needed skills while being a part of this major. Students will gain professional writing skills, organizational skills, research analysis skills, public speaking skills, and skills needed to be a successful teacher. 

"I majored in broad field social studies because I am a history nut! My high school history teacher was really inspirational to me, and I realized that I would love to teach this subject too." - Matthew Ortt