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Recipients from CAS since 2000

UWRF Distinguished Teacher Award

  • Dr. Earl Blodgett, Physics, 2014
  • Dr. Chen-Cheng Huang, 2012
  • Dr. Karl Peterson, Chemistry, 2011
  • Dr. Lowell McCann, Physics, 2010
  • Dr. Daniel Marchand, Chemistry, 2009
  • Dr. Travis Tubré, Psychology, 2008
  • Dr. James Madsen, Physics, 2007
  • Dr. Ed Peterson, History, 2004
  • Dr. Jennifer Brantley, 2003
  • Dr. Karen Klyczek, Biology, 2000

Paul B. and Robert Dykstra Faculty Excellence Award

  • Dr. Travis Tubré, 2013
  • Dr. David Rusterholz, Chemistry 2011

Keith Wurtz Award for Teaching Excellence

  • Dr. Cyndi Kernahan, Psychology 2011
  • Dr. Eric Hofacker, Mathematics 2010

UWRF Excellence in Advising Award

  • Dr. Kathleen Hunzer 2013
  • Dr. Mark Bergland, 2012
  • Dr. Keith Chavey, Mathematics, 2011
  • Dr. Travis Tubre, Psychology, 2009
  • Dr. Herb Cederberg, 2007
  • Dr. Brad Caskey, Psychology, 2004
  • Dr. Cliff Mottaz, Sociology, 2001
  • Dr. Steve Olson, Marketing Communications, 2000

Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Classified Staff

  • Joan Kratt, Journalism, Marketing Communications and Political Science, 2012
  • Susie Zimmer, Art and Outreach, 2005
  • Sheri Reis, Mathematics, 2003


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