Internship Info Session for students interested in learning more about the CAFES Internship program.

Internship Pre-Work Seminar for students who have accepted or are expecting an internship this summer.

Why participate in an internship?

  • Gain valuable, hands-on, practical career experiences, while earning university credit
  • Blend theory with practice, which enhances the relevance of classroom experiences
  • Build a professional network
  • Individualized learning objectives establish unique experiences to match students' career goals
  • Earn money to support next year's tuition, as most internships are paid work experiences


Students are eligible to participate in the internship program when they meet the following criteria:

  • Completed 30 credits
  • Possess a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Approval from a Faculty Coordinator
  • Transfer students are eligible upon completion of one full-time semester at UW-River Falls

Earning Credit

Students will earn 2 or 4 credits for enrolling in the internship course. The faculty coordinator assigns a pass/fail grade upon completion of the internship program.

Internship Process

  1. Freshmen through seniors are eligible for internships. Contact the CAFES Internship Office (210 AGS) at any time during your academic career. Internships are for students who are trying to find a career direction, as much as they are for career-focused individuals.
    • Complete an Information and Agreement Form (available in the CAFES Internship Office, 210 AGS)
    • Attend a CAFES Internship Informational Meeting
  2. Identifying internship opportunities:
    • Contact the Faculty Coordinator associated with your area of interest. They are here to discuss your goals and identify internship opportunities that will launch your career, whether they are posted positions or ones they can help you develop.
    • Check the bulletin board outside the CAFES Internship Office (210 AGS) near the Atrium for internship position descriptions. These posted positions are just a sample of the opportunities that are available to you. 
    • If you know of an employer you'd like to do an internship with, contact a Faculty Coordinator or the CAFES Internship Office (210 AGS) to discuss this option.
    • Check the Internship bulletin, printed weekly.
      • Pick up a copy by the Internship Bulletin Board
  3. Discuss with your Academic Adviser where your internship credits will count in your curriculum plan. 
  4. Develop a resume and cover letter. See a faculty member for suggestions; ask for guidelines on resume & cover letter writing. Career Services is a good resource for this important step.
  5. Ask your Faculty Coordinator for application instructions for any internship in which you’re interested. The Internship Office can assist you with many of these as well. 
  6. Submit appropriate application materials via the method the employer prefers: electronically, fax or mail. 
  7. Sign up for interviews! Practice, practice, practice. 
  8. Employer offers you a position!
  9. Attend a CAFES Internship Pre-Work Seminar at the end of Spring Semester to obtain registration materials and forms to use while on your internship.


You have secured an internship and you're on the job! As part of your experience, you are required to complete a project (to be developed with your Faculty Coordinator and place of employment), which is due upon completion of the internship. The project outcome should be of benefit to the employer in addition to providing an educational opportunity for the student to demonstrate initiative, resourcefulness, and ability to follow through.

CAFES Internship Office
210 Agricultural Science

Dr. Eric Sanden, Internship Director
Jolene Summers, Internship Project Coordinator

Weekly Internship Bulletins

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December 2, 2022

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