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College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Your Engineering Future Starts at UWRF

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls is part of the Northwest Wisconsin Engineering Consortium along with UW-Stout and UW-Eau Claire. The three universities have a common core curriculum that allows students to start at one school, determine which engineering program they want to continue with, and transfer, if needed, to another school, without having to take new courses.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester


Freshman Year

GENG 135 Intro to Engineering - 2
GENG 121 Engineering Drawing - 3
Gen Ed M (MATH 166) - 4
Gen Ed SI (PHYS 131) - 5
Gen Ed CW (ENGL 100) - 3
Total semester credits - 17

GENG 165 Programming for Engineers - 3
GENG 265 Engineering Graphics - 3
MATH 167 Calculus II - 4
PHYS 132 Physics II - 5
Total semester credits - 15

Sophomore Year

Gen Ed CS (COMS 116) - 3
MATH 266 Calculus III - 3
PHYS 250 Statics - 3
Gen Ed SI (CHEM 121) - 5
Gen Ed HF - 3
Total semester credits - 17

AET 251 Intro to Instrumentation - 3
 or GENG 215 Engineering Project Mgmt
MATH 326 Applied Statistics - 3
MATH 331 Differential Equations - 3
 or MATH 256 Linear Algebra - 3
PHYS 252 Dynamics - 3
PHYS 254 Mechanics of Materials - 3
Total semester credits - 15

Below are just a few reasons why UWRF is the best place to start your engineering education.

  • UWRF offers a common first and second year curriculum that is standard across most engineering programs and typically includes courses in chemistry, physics, calculus, programing, communications, and other basic requirements.
  • A required introduction to engineering course exposes students to the various engineering disciplines, providing helpful information as students consider their specific engineering major.
  • There are two engineering majors - Agricultural Engineering and Environmental Engineering, as well as three options within the Agricultural Engineering major to focus your degree, including machinery systems, food and process systems, and natural resources and environmental systems
  • Engineering faculty at UWRF have more than 25 years of combined engineering experience in industry and possess expertise in several engineering fields, including agricultural, bioprocess, biosystems, mechanical, and civil.

Come to the safety and affordability of UWRF, a campus with a local feel and a global reach. Our campus is small enough to welcome you by name but big enough to offer the advantages of a larger campus, like scholarships, well-paid internships, over 150 student clubs and organizations, funded undergraduate research opportunities, and study abroad to places like Europe, India, and China.

Let us help get your engineering career off the ground by starting your first year experience at UWRF. Your success is our success.

Northwest Wisconsin Engineering Consortium

The Consortium was established in 2014 to meet the workforce needs in west-central Wisconsin. Prior to this the only other engineering programs in the state were in southern Wisconsin, more than 200 miles away, in Madison, Milwaukee, and Platteville. Businesses in west-central Wisconsin advocated for the Consortium noting the importance of addressing the need for engineers on a regional basis. The Consortium offers students the option of staying closer to home, makes college more affordable, and helps businesses attract and retain engineers who want to live and work in smaller cities and rural communities in our region. Read more.

Meet our Engineering Faculty

Joel Peterson
Dr. Joel Peterson
Department Chair, Associate Professor

Joe Shakal
Dr. Joe Shakal

Youngmi Kim
Dr. Youngmi Kim
Assistant Professor

Woolcock, Patrick 2
Dr. Patrick Woolcock
Assistant Professor

Dean Olson 160
Dr. Dean Olson
Associate Dean of CAFES, Professor

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