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Capacity Building

The FY25 Request for Proposals for Capacity Building:
Capacity Building Cover Page - link here. 
Call for Capacity Building Projects - link here.

Faculty Research Fellowships

The FY25 Faculty Research Fellowships:
Call for Faculty Research Fellowships - link here.
Fellowship Budget Template - link here.
Fellowship Cover Page - link here.

Project Showcase

At this link (click here) you will find the Dairy Innovation Hub’s Project Showcase.
This online tool is a searchable database for all Hub-funded projects. Projects can be organized by campus, funding year, priority area and project type. Each project entry contains PI information, co-PI information (if applicable) and a project summary.

Project Title

Principal Investigator

Groundwater Fluctuations – Related Nutrient Cycling and Stream Water Quality in Agricultural Headwater Areas

Dr. Bahar Hassanpour, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Optimizing Forage Cover Crop systems for Agronomic Production and Environmental Stewardship 

Dr. Veronica Justen, Professor of Crop Science

Effects of using calf jackets on performance and health of purebred and crossbred dairy calves in different rearing environments.

Dr. Sylvia Kehoe, Professor of Dairy Science

Effect of In-Field Prairie Strips on Nutrient Cyling and Biodiversity in Crop Production Systems: A preliminary study

Dr. Natasha Rayne, Associate Professor of Soil Science

Rural Economic Development in Wisconsin: Analysis of Intergenerational Mobility and Community-Centered Case Studies

Dr. James White, Associate Professor of  Agricultural Economics

Establishing a Baseline Greenhouse Gas Budget and Climate Resilience Target for the Mann Valley Dairy Farm

Dr. Susanne Wiesner, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Efficient Manure Land Application Through Innovative Tillage Systems: Feasibility and Environmental Impacts

Dr. Bob Zeng, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering



The Dairy Symposium will be held at UW-Madison on May 15th, 2024
Learn more about the schedule of events and register at this link!

On January 31st, 2024 -Hub funded research was featured at the state capitol.
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The Fourth Annual Dairy Innovation Hub Dairy Summit was held at UW-Plattville on November 15th, 2023.
You can find more information about outcomes and impact at this link!
Video recordings of the Summit sessions can be watched on the Hub's YouTube channel.