International Students

Kevin Leor

Major: French and Spanish
Home Country:

How did you learn about UW-River Falls?
I learned of UW-River Falls through the Consortium for North American Higher Education Collaboration program.

Why did you choose to come to UW-River Falls?
I chose to study at UW-River Falls because of the degrees they offered. Initially I was going for urbanism and I liked their Community Planning program.

What is one of the best things about the city of River Falls?
The size, the amount of attention we are able to be given from our faculty.

What is the best thing about the region?
The ability to walk anywhere! The winter.

What are your career goals?
To get a degree in translation/interpreting.

What clubs are you involved in?
I was involved in the French club for a while, but now I am part of the "Year of Mexico" committee.

What would you say to a international student considering UW-River Falls?
You will not regret it!

 Kevin Leor

"If you are considering studying at UW-River Falls, you won't regret it!"