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University Sponsored Activities-Sport Clubs

The university supports student participation in sport club activities.  While the goal of both the University, in general, and the Campus Recreation Department, in particular, is to avoid or minimize the potential that students might miss classes, it is understood that team activities might occasionally overlap with classes.  When such occasions arise, the following process must be followed:

1. For sport club games that conflict with a class, the Campus Recreation Office must provide students with a class absence notification form, approved by the Provost's Office, that includes a clear identification of the team that will be traveling, the destination, the departure and return dates and times, contact information for the Campus Recreation Office, and a listing of student athletes who are participating.

2. This class absence notification form must be provided by the Campus Recreation Office to the student, who must deliver it to the faculty members whose course(s) are affected at least 1 week prior to the absence.

 Ultimate Frisbee
  Ultimate Frisbee

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