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University Sanctioned Activities-Academic Functions

Requests for approval of academic functions as University-Sanctioned, Off-Campus activities must adhere to the following process:

1. The faculty member must complete the Off-Campus Event form (i.e. access the form on the right) that provides a clear description of the activity (e.g. its definition, purpose, and so on), the dates, times, and locations of the activity, a rationale that explains why the students are participating, a citation of university policy regarding off-campus activities, a request that affected faculty provide appropriate consideration for students who might miss class(es), and a listing of student participants. University policy states that "Scheduling field trips on Saturday is recommended or, if a weekday is essential, varying the hours and the days. Such activities should not be scheduled during the final exam period or one week prior to final examinations."

2. The "University Sanctioned Off-Campus" form should be provided to at least two weeks prior to the scheduled activity to allow adequate time to distribute it (also see item 4 below). It is strongly recommended that the request be made as soon as the event or activity is planned to allow maximum time for students to seek accommodations from their faculty members. Scheduled holidays, such as Thanksgiving weekdays without classes, require additional time (e.g. if  Wednesday-Friday are non-instructional days, add three more days to the deadline for making requests). In situations where requests arrive late and/or students are added to the list after the deadline, they might not be approved for the off-campus activity. Any requests for exceptions to this timeline must provide a thorough explanation of the conditions that would merit consideration of an exception.

3. The faculty member requesting approval will be notified about the decision. Affirmative decisions will include an amended pdf version that includes an approval date. The faculty member must provide student participants with copies of the approved pdf version of the "University Sanctioned Off-Campus Form."  

4. The approved "University Sanctioned Off-Campus Form" must be delivered by each participating student to their affected faculty members at least a minimum of one week prior to the event in order for the student's participation to be "sanctioned." 

5. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs' office will post the approved notices onto the Academic Affairs listing, and notify the deans' offices.

The "University Sanctioned Off-Campus" form should be provided to at least 10 working days before the scheduled activity.

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