Activity Insight

Activity Insight User Guide


Activity Insight is a tool intended to facilitate university, college, and departmental activities.  A guide has been designed to address some of the questions that will arise as data is entered.  It is recommended that faculty read the introduction of the guide (pages 1-7), the section discussing the option to have students enter data (page 8), and then refer to the "Key" (pages 9-18) which is a listing of typical items that need to be entered and an identification of the appropriate screen for each of them, and other pages as needed.  Detailed explanations have also been provided for each "screen" within Activity Insight (pages 19-61).  Much of the program is intuitive but when questions arise, please refer to the appropriate screen directions provided in this guide.  They are presented in the order in which the screens appear in Activity Insight.  

Navigation hint:  While using the pdf guide, it is recommended that you open the bookmarks, which will allow you to jump to bookmarked pages of specific interest, such as "Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits," "Presentations," or "Intellectual Contributions."

To access the guide, click here

In addition, here is a "Where do I Put ___ in Activity Insight?" document that follows the outline on the Activity Insight page that is seen after logging in to the program. 


If questions arise, please contact the appropriate person listed on this page.