Activity Insight

Data Entry Options

Faculty are welcome and encouraged to enter their own information into Activity Insight.  They are the most familiar with their professional activities and this can help to make the process efficient.  Entry directions can be found on the Activity Insight User Guide page

CV Imports

CV Imports allows you to enter your data quickly, accurately, and directly from your CV or another document, by selecting and highlighting key areas of your CV that tie to specific screens and fields within Activity Insight. Once the highlighting is complete, you can follow the quick and easy steps to review, validate, and confirm your entries.


Data Entry for New Faculty and Staff

New faculty and instructional staff can request student workers, when available, from the Associate Provost's Office enter data and information initially. Please send an updated CV by including it as an attachment in an email to the Activity Insight Administrator

Here is what must be included as minimum requirements to have students enter data:

  • Provide an updated CV in Microsoft Word format.
  • Include years for all of the activities (e.g. start years as a minimum).
  • For scholarship/research, artistic and professional performances and exhibits:  was it peer reviewed/refereed, invited or accepted, by audition, commission, competition or invitation?
  • For scholarship/research and presentations, was it peer reviewed/refereed, published in proceedings, published elsewhere?
  • For curriculum that you developed, such as a course, was it approved by governance, what term and year was the proposal either drafted, completed, or approved (e.g. a course might be in development but not approved), and what is the course name and program name?
  • For each item, enough detail must be available so the students can place each item into the appropriate location within Activity Insight.  Abbreviations (e.g. CMMD Conference), or listing "volunteer" as a public service activity without including the name of the organization for which the "volunteering" occurred, are just two examples of challenges that have occurred when trying to enter information.  
  • The bottom line is that the more detail that is provided, the more accurately the CV information will be placed into the correct location within Activity Insight.

After CV information is entered, faculty must be willing to proof the student's work.  Every reasonable effort is made to ensure items are entered in the right places but it is sometimes the case that folks label the same item differently, for example, or items can appear to be confusing to folks not in a specific, disciplinary field.