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Pre-Major / Exploratory

Program Overview

"What are you going to major in?" That is probably one of the most common question students hear when they talk about college. For many students, their future major is just something that they have known all along, but for many it's a very daunting life decision. We like when students keep their options open, so much so, we call our undecided students "pre-majors" - students who will find their niche and here's how we can help.

Highlights of being a Pre-Major

  • Pre-Major Advising: From the moment you arrive as a new student, you will have an adviser who specializes in helping select courses that interest you and eventually help you determine a major.
  • Career Assessments: Our Career Services office provides tools that can help match your interests, personality, strengths and values to potential majors and careers.
  • Majors and Minors: Our four colleges offer more than 70 areas of study to choose from, ensuring a variety of courses and programs to consider for your future.

Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Oftentimes, there is not a one-to-one match of majors to careers, so choose a field of study that speaks to your interests.
  • Keep active in your major exploration - taking classes, talking to students and faculty in the major, exploring online, etc.
  • Pay attention to General Education courses that are required for majors that interest you.
  • Take advantage of extracurricular opportunities through Student Involvement.
  • Know that students will likely change their mind about your major and about your career in the future.


Take a closer look at our online resources that help students with career exploration and selecting a major.  

  • Degree Requirements: This page provides a quick guide to the courses required for each undergraduate program offered at UW-River Falls; including majors, minors, certificates and degree completion programs.
  • General Education courses: A list of the many course options available for students to take satisfy the general education component of a UW-River Falls degree. 
  • Academic Success Center: A one-stop resource on campus to help students' reach their full academic potential. Programs and services include pre-major advising, tutoring services, and Student Support Services.


areas of study are offered 
from four distinct colleges