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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls has one of the strongest equine programs in the nation, with more than 70 well-bred horses. The curriculum provides an excellent balance of science-based classroom work with hands-on knowledge. We cover all aspects important to the equine industry, from the latest theories on nutrition and exercise, to breeding, raising, training and riding young horses.

As an emphasis within the Animal Science major, our equine program offers three options, which guide students in choosing appropriate course work for their career path:

  • Science option: For those interested in graduate work or veterinary medicine the science option includes the necessary hours of chemistry, mathematics, physical and biological sciences.
  • Management option: The management option emphasizes business and agricultural economics courses.
  • Minor option: As an alternative to the management or science option, students can pair the equine science major with an academic minor (i.e. minor in ag business or modern languages) to develop a more in-depth understanding of a second area of interest.
Unique Features of the Equine Program
  • Colts in Training: Colts-in-Training is a nationally recognized program that teaches students how to start and train young horses. In the training courses, each student is assigned a young unridden horse and, under the direct supervision of a faculty member, they train the horses in ground and riding skills. Colts in the program are extremely well bred, offering students a chance to ride future champions. When the program is complete, the colts are sold in our annual spring Colts-in-Training Sale. Learn more
  • European Training: International exposure is at the height of the equine experience here at River Falls. Each summer, with support from AQHA, a select group of students travel with faculty to Europe where they use their skills to teach western horsemanship.
  • Undergraduate Research: The Society for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities (SURSCA) is an academic society that promotes and encourages students to participate in undergraduate research. Equine students who are interested in undergraduate research can contact the faculty member in their area of interest. Faculty will assist in choosing a project focus. Research can be conducted on campus or off-site. The majority of projects conclude with a presentation to professional associations at the regional and national level. Most students interested in undergraduate research go on to pursue advanced degrees.
Our Facilities
  • 85' x 180' Heated indoor arena
  • Heated 50 stall young horse training barn
  • Heated 16 stall broodmare and foaling addition
  • Breeding lab and breeding shed
  • Outdoor rodeo arena
  • 40 quality horses that are used in the riding classes
  • An additional 45 young horses are brought in each year for the training classes
  • Classroom in the Campus Farm Pavillion

Equine Judging Clinic

Falcon Frontier Days Rodeo

Horse Breeding Program

Colts in Training and Colt Sale

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the Colts in Training Sale. Learn more about the alumni event in celebration of this milestone.

Equine-related Careers

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