Tuition Bills

Tuition Bills

Electronic Billing and Notification

Electronic billing is the official billing method used by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Paper bills are not generated. The Billing Statement and Pending Aid tutorial is available to guide you through viewing your Billing Statement and Pending Aid on eSIS.

The student's bill is available on eSIS approximately one month prior to the start of the term. All currently enrolled students will receive an e-mail notification to their UWRF email account when bills are available on eSIS after the first bill date for the term. A student not receiving/accessing an e-mail is not excused from not paying their bill on the posted due date.

Granting Access to Others

Student's can grant access to others to view billing information and make payments.

Using Financial Aid

If a student is using financial assistance to pay all or part of their bill, it is their responsibility to check their eSIS account to find the amount of pending aid and deduct that from their total balance. The Billing Statement and Pending Aid tutorial will show you where to find information on pending aid in eSIS.  The balance remaining is treated the same as a student not using financial aid.

Finance Charges

A 1.25% finance charge is assessed every month after the initial due date for the term on any balance unpaid.

Tuition and Fee Appeals

Please see the Tuition and Fee Appeals for Policy and Procedures. 


If a student has a $500.00 or more balance remaining after the final due date of the term, an enrollment hold is placed on their account. This hold will prevent them from registering for future terms at UWRF until their account balance is under $500.00.