Women's, Gender and Sexualities Studies

Women's, Gender and Sexualities Studies

You've heard about the majors that will help you build a career; consider a minor that will help you build a life.

Our minor can be paired with any major. Our graduates work in many fields, including:

  • marketing
  • art
  • social activism
  • social work
  • psychology
  • public television
  •  business

Student Voices

"As a future Social Justice Activist, I believe that the knowledge gained from my WSGT minor will help me understand how inequality functions in society and ultimately how I can help create a more just and equal society." - Nikki Shonoiki, WGST minor, Chancellor's Award recipient, UWRF graduate

"The education and enlightenment that I have found in the Women's and Gender Studies Program has offered me a unique understanding of . . .  inequality." - Christopher Steines, WGST minor, UWRF graduate

"The friends I have made through my women's studies courses have been the greatest gift anyone could ask for . . . The professors have been nothing but extraordinary. Women's and Gender studies has help me become the woman I want to be." - Samantha Larson, WGST minor, psychology major, UWRF graduate


Contact: Melanie Ayres
Coordinator of Women's, Gender and Sexualities Studies
Department of Psychology
169 Centennial Science

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