Pathway to Distinction 2012-2017


Task Force
* Faculty Senate Committees or special task force groups as charged by Chancellor and/or Faculty Senate Chair.


Task Force

Strategic Plan Coordinating Group

Glenn Potts
Wes Chapin
Jennifer Borup
Alice Reilly-Myklebust
Wendy Helm- Resource Support

LTP Review & Report Task Force

Fernando Delgado
Michael Miller
Nan Jordahl
University Planning Group

Environmental Scan Task Force

Glenn Potts
Marina Onken
Fernando Delgado
Katrina Larsen
Stacy Vollmers
Andriel Dees
Blake Fry
Ogden Rogers

SWOT Analysis Task Force

Jennifer Borup
Joy Benson
Brad Caskey
Melissa Wilson
Dale Braun
Molly Van Wagner
Dave Trechter
Tynan Heller- Resource Support
Heather Wittkopf- Resource Support

Communication & Events Planning Task Force

Alice Reilly-Myklebust
Wes Chapin
Dale Gallenberg
Cara Rubis
Dawn Hukai
Mialisa Moline
Deb Toftness
Steve Reed
Melissa Fitzenberger- Resource Support

Mission/Vision/Values Task Force

Glenn Potts
Dennis Cooper
Brad Caskey
Tyler Halverson
Kimberly Gould-Speckman
Wes Chapin
Maureen Olle-Lajoie
Gregg Heinselman
Claire Kilian
Kristin Tjornehoj
Nan Jordahl

* All questions and feedback can be submitted to the task forces via the feedback tool dedicated to strategic plan communications or the Strategic Plan Coordinating Group.