Social Work Field Program

Social Work Field Program

Welcome to the UWRF Social Work Field Program! The main purpose of undergraduate social work education at the University of WI-River Falls is to prepare students to assume the responsibilities of entry level social work practice. It is designed to prepare students for leadership roles as they involve themselves in issues of social and economic justice. A quality field placement experience is essential to this purpose. Field placements are designed to provide students with opportunities to use and to expand upon, in a practice setting, the knowledge, skills, and values acquired through on-campus experiences. It also provides an opportunity for students and for the social work faculty to further assess each student readiness to practice social work.

Field Placement is part of an integrated senior experience.During the senior year, students take a sequence of courses which are designed to comprise a total learning and integrative experience.The two senior seminars (480-481), Advanced Interviewing (424) and Theory and Practice II (426) are designed to make a complete experience covering all curriculum objectives.These courses each utilize field placement experiences to facilitate integrating the knowledge, values and skills learned in the classroom with practice.

If your agency is interested in becoming an approved agency with our Field Education Program please complete the on-line agency profile.This agency questionnaire asks specific questions about your agency, the population you serve, services provided, and what you are looking for in an intern. The information collected in this questionnaire will be stored in our agency database and used to match students to the best fitting agency. Please contact the Field Coordinator for additional questions regarding this tool.

Field Agency

Includes all field forms needed to supervise a student in your agency.

Current Student

Includes all the steps and forms needed for students to apply to the field program. Once accepted into the field program students will find special announcements and all field forms needed to start their internships.

Junior Level Students

Field Application Process Students seeking admission to social work field placement must do the following:

  1. Review the Student Orientation to the Field Application Process
  2. Sign-up to meet with the field coordinator for a personal interview
  3. Read the Field Placement Manual
  4. Complete the online Student Application to Field by your scheduled time to meet with the Field Coordinator
  5. Meet with seniors about their placements on dates provided to you by the Field Coordinator
  6. Bring to your interview with the Field Coordinator:
    • current unofficial transcript 
    • updated professional resume 
    • copy of driver's license 
    • Proof of current auto insurance coverage

Upon receipt of all required admission materials, the social work faculty will:

  1. Review the application materials. 
  2. Require additional information or an interview with the social work faculty if deemed necessary or appropriate. 
  3. Notify applicants in writing within sixty (60) days of the decision regarding admission to the field placement program. (Responsibility of Field Placement Coordinator) Application to the Field Program


Contact Us

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Social Work Field Placement Coordinator
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