Social Work Field Program

Field Agency

Since the field placement is a vital part of the education of social work students, the Social Work Program recognizes the importance of the agencies contributions in promoting educational goals desired by both the Social Work Program and community agencies. The Social Work Program is responsible for selection and approval of agencies involved in the field placement program. This responsibility includes the right of inspection and review of the agency by the Social Work Program.

The Social Work Program retains primary responsibility for the quality of the educational experience and carries out that responsibility through ongoing communication with the Field Supervisor.

The Social Work Program will provide the agency with all necessary and useful information regarding the student assigned to the agency, about the U.W.-River Falls Social Work Program, and about Council on Social Work Education requirements.

The Social Work Program will assume responsibility for providing the agency with all necessary consultation and support in carrying out the educational program. It will provide learning objectives and guidelines to plan the educational program for students and guidelines for evaluation of the students’ progress. The Social Work Program will provide training for Field Supervisors to support their efforts to help students identify with the purposes, values, and ethics of the profession; foster the integration of empirical and practice-based knowledge; and promote the development of professional competence.

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