Criminology Internships

Youth Service Bureau Internship

1976 Wooddale Dr. #4
Woodbury, MN 55125

Interns indicate duties performed

  • Update client records, teach health awareness class, sit in with clients, supervise community work service days, assist supervisor with tasks (Sept.2007)
  • Data entry, teach Health Awareness class, attend staff meetings, observe client intakes, observe restorative justice conferences, paperwork (May 2007)
  • Conducting community work service update calls, managing a small case load, conducting community work service intakes, teaching Health Awareness Classes, closing out awareness classes, updating community work service site lists, going out on work crews (2006)

Students identified positive aspects of this placement

  • Interaction with clients and staff members (Sept.2007)
  • Working with youth and their families. If you're good and get to do intakes that is the best part. Teaching class is a lot of fun.(May2007)
  • Being able to teach classes myself and to do intakes by myself as compared to just being able to observe them. Actually being able to work with the clients one on one.(2006)
  • Its a very hands-on work experience. My course work could only prepare me so much for a job working with children, this internship helped me develop a skillset that has given me more confidence in my ability to work with delinquent kids. My co-workers were friendly and appreciative of the work I did. I was much less of a 'shadow' to another person than an actual employee. This gave me valuable work experience in a non-profit job setting. (2005)
  • Dealing with juveniles and having the satisfaction that you helped. (2005)
  • You will learn a lot about restorative justice and diversion with juveniles. You will work closely with youth in YCAPP (Youth Community Accountability Prevention Program). (2003)

Students identified difficulties typical in this placement

  • Not paid, except for traveling between sites, traveling to different sites for work.(Sept.2007)
  • none.(May 2007)
  • Dealing with troublesome youth and being able to effectively communicate with them.(2006)
  • Sometimes there are days when no intakes or classes are scheduled and there is less people interaction and more paperwork. Also, sometimes it is difficult dealing with older youth who have an abundance of home and school issues and probably need something more than the slap on the wrist for their delinquency. Some parents are nightmares. (2005)
  • Dealing with parents who are not cooperative. (2005)