St. Croix County Community Corrections Internship

2100 O'Neil Rd, Suite 300
Hudson, WI 54016


Interns indicate duties performed:
  • Manage caseload of adult offenders: conduct home visits, office visits, talking to offenders at jail or on the phone. Write up violation reports and other various reports.(2009)
Students identified positive aspects of this placement:
  • Everyday is different and you get out in the community daily.
  • There is always somthing going on: jail visits, court cases, home visits, etc... I was able to take on some work rather than simply watch how to do it. (2005)
  • Hands-on experience in a correctional setting (2003)
  • This was very hands-on. The people are really easy to work with and are willing to help you out. The opportunity to watch and participate in all aspects of the probation/parole field. (2002)
  • I was treated with a lot of respect and I was able to do everything I set out to do. (2000)
  • Staff is very friendly and all of them are willing to help you learn. (1998)
  • Learning the system in general. Having face-to-face contact with the offenders, learning how to deal with them. Being able to get out of the office quite a bit and working on the streets or in institutions. Nothing ever really got boring. (1998)
  • The agents here are all very friendly. I got the chance to go out into the field with every agent here. It was very interesting to see the different styles each agent used. I also got to do some things on my own. It was a great experience. the best thing about this placement is you get a good feel for all aspects of the job (court process, referral agencies, working with law enforcement, going out in the field (home visits, transports, electronic monitoring, counseling, and office work). (1997)
  • This internship experience involves having a lot of contact with a variety of individuals. (1994)
  • An internship is a must, so you encounter all areas with hands-on experience. I was challenged to make decisions and be involved. (1993)
Students identified difficulties typical in this placement:
  • It can sometimes be difficult to work with the offenders, especially when they aren't cooperating.(2009)
  • You get individuals who are resentful of supervision and the system. (2003)
  • There is a lot of paperwork in this field. You have to document everything you do and it is difficult to stay on top of the paperwork at times. (2002)
  • The area I worked dealt with high-risk sex offenders. It was difficult at first to deal with these crimes. (2000)
  • The biggest difficulty is every agent performs their duties differently and everyone explains that sometimes there is no right or wrong way to perform and it gets confusing at times because you're not sure if you are performing right. Another difficulty is just remembering all the paperwork form numbers. (1998)
  • Maybe trying to comprehend so much information in such a short period. I was told that on the average, it takes about 3-5 years to completely learn this position, so a 5-month internship doesn't quite cut it, but gives a good general idea on what probatin is all about. (1998)
  • Some duties cannot be performed by interns i.e. custody transport to custody placement. There were no real difficulties that I encountered. (1997)