Pierce County Community Corrections - Probation & Parole Internship

310 W. Main St., Suite B
Ellsworth, WI 54011


Interns indicate duties performed :
  • obtained statements from offenders, typed out various forms/reports, met with clients at office and at home for monthly reports, filing (2006)
Students identified positive aspects of this placement:
  • This office was flexible with a student's schedule, and I was able to learn a lot. The agents would allow you to observe, then they would teach and explain and allow you to try on your own. The agents were always around to answer questions. Also, the agents helped you experience other aspects of criminal justice. They helped me coordinate sitting in with a victim-witness coordinator and the juvenile probation.(2006)
  • This intern experience involves having a lot of contact with a variety of individuals and keeping a positive attitude will make it a more enjoyable learning experience. (1994)
Students identified difficulties typical in this placement:
  • There were a few duties of a probation agent that interns can't take part in. This is due to liability reasons. It is hard to learn the job without experiencing these activities and duties. (2006)