Criminology Internships

St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program Internship

215 N 2nd Street, Suite 108
River Falls, WI 54022

Contact: Susan Capparelli

Types of Duties Intern Performs

Supports Staff-answering phones, revising documents, reminder phones calls, etc. Personal projects assigned by the Executive Director. CCR meetings, events, some weekends/nights/ all Day events or Trainings. Attend Circles, private and public working with confidential information. (2011)

Students Identified Positive Aspects of this placement

  • Helps view crime in a different way. Also starts getting you to know how the Criminal Justice/ Courts Systems work. Good place to start for that. (2011)
  • Work closely with clients, volunteers, community members, and local agencies. There are multiple opportunities for involvement in several different areas of the organization. (2010)
  • Working with a lot of different people, promotes healing, accountability, and community. A different way with dealing with crime. Also, the Executive Director is very nice and flexible to work with and close to campus. (2009)
  • Flexibility of hours (2006)

Students Identified Negative Aspects of this placement

  • Can be a struggle at times with multiple tasks given at a time. Have to learn time management. (2011)
  • Some circles can be emotional and exhausting but these were my favorite as the impact, growth, and healing was stronger and more evident. These circles are worthwhile. Multitasking is essential and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to finish all your tasks when more and more keep being added. (2010)
  • Not a set time schedule. There are a lot of re-schedules for meeting, etc. A lot of hours are spent on your own (can be a good thing) working on projects.
  • The office work got a little old and boring. It got slow at times and there wasn't a lot to do. (2009)