Criminology Internships


Ramsey County - Adult Probation Internship

710 Arcade
St. Paul, MN 55106

Website: Ramsey County Corrections

Interns indicate duties performed

  • Facilitate one-on-one client meetings, observe court, prepare court documents, file probation violations and memos to the court, determine custody credit, refer clients to appropriate agencies

Students identified positive aspects of this placement

  • I wan't just there to watch or to file. I was able to be very hands-on. There was never a dull moment
  • I was really able to try so many new things. I was encouraged to do things on my own. (2007)

Students identified difficulties typical in this placement:

  • Parking downtown gets expensive. There is no parking provided.
  • Stressful - can get easily overwhelmed. Need to be able to keep up with phone calls from clients, agencies and collateral contacts. (2007)