Criminology Internships


MN Department of Corrections - Office of Special Investigations (Central Office) Internship

1450 Energy Park Dr., Suite 200
St. Paul, MN 55108-5219



Students identified positive aspects of this placement

  • responsibility (2003)
  • learning to interpret and analyze surveys and data (2002)
  • I was able to see a variety of institutions and do a variety of different activities (ECRD, hearings, observe: parole officer, case mgr, discipline prosecutor), learned policy/procedures used by the DOC. (2002)
  • The location of Central Office is ideal because we oversee all correctional facilities in MN, you get an idea of the whole field, not just the office duties, but observe inmates and facilities, first hand idea of what the department consists of. (2001)
  • Gaining an entire view of the Correctional System. Being exposed to the apprenhension of fugitives (ride-alongs). The quality of people involved in this unit. Shadowing investigators. (1998)

Students identified difficulties in this placement

  • I think its always difficult to be any type of intern - in this, I thought it was difficult to interact with the offenders. (2003)
  • Lack of use of the Access program from Microsoft. There was limited opportunity along with a lengthy tutoring process. (2002)
  • At times, it was difficult to get enough hours. (2002)
  • Not getting to intern longer! (2001)
  • Time - you want to be here/working all the time. (1998)