Criminology Internships


MN Correctional Facilities - Shakopee Internship

MCF - Shakopee
1010 W. 6th Ave.
Shakopee, MN 55379


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Interns indicate duties performed

  • Answer letters from offenders, find resources such as employment, housing, treatment programs, help set up resumes with offenders, assist in the preparation and delivery of programming such as seminars and classes, talk with offenders to help them transition successfully into the community. (2007)
  • Search for and update transistion center resources, develop and teach a curriculum to the new women coming into the institution, supervise offenders, participate in transition fairs, set up meetings with offenders, restorative justice planning, enter stats into COMS (electronic system), run reports. (2006)

Students identified positive aspects of this placement

  • It is an all women facility, thus the amount of disgusting commentary and looks direted at you is greatly reduced. There is also a much smaller threat of attack, yet still present. The offenders were quite polite and respectful overall. Security does their job and makes you feel safe. It is a comfortable environment.(2007)
  • The overall experience was positive for me. I really enjoyed working with the service dogs and their handlers. I also liked working with the tutors in the transition center. they are really open with you abuot their crimes. They were willing to tell me about what they did. Also, staff was open and willing to talk at almost any time.(2006)

Students identified difficulties typical in this placement

  • You still have to deal with difficult people but not very much - security steps in. There really wasn't anything too hard to deal with.(2007)
  • Interns are not allowed to have keys making it difficult to get around the facility. Sometimes the job gets very emotional and you must be able to handle yourself. (2006)