Criminology Internships


Anoka County Corrections - Adult Supervision Internship

325 E. Main St.
Anoka, MN 55303

Interns indicate duties performed

meeting with clients (office and home visits), attend court hearings, obtain urinalysis from same gender clients, use many different computer programs, many opportunities to visit the jail/prison/workhouse/juvenile center, transferring cases to different counties, obtain client DNA...there's a lot, it's great (2007).

Students identified positive aspects of this placement

There are so many opportunities you get. You aren't just observing, you get to participate and interact with co-workers, clients, judges, other correctional positions and places. I was never doing the same thing...always learning more and becoming comfortable with doing all the above. Another thing is they're really laid back about your schedule. Whatever works for you, works for them. I guess the main thing for me was that I wasn't just sitting at a jail/prison and doing the same few things. I was able to experience a lot more than other interns I have talked to. (2007)

Students identified difficulties typical in this placement

A bit overwhelming but as time goes on you'll become more comfortable. I felt like I hadn't been in college for four years, but everyone has been in this situation. It's a time for a lot of learning and experience! Plus all the agents are so helpful and willing to help with anything. (2007)