Blake Gleason-Featured Intern

Blake Gleason-Featured Intern College of Business and Economics

Major: Business Administration-Finance 
Hometown: Hanover, MN
Internship:  Financial Advisor Intern 
Employer: Ascend Financial Group 
Future: Offered full-time beginning post-graduation and currently in the onboarding process


Ascend Financial Group is a comprehensive firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota, offering holistic financial planning, risk management, and wealth management services.

As a Financial Advisor Intern, I was responsible for numerous different tasks around the office and in the field. The first few weeks were learning the back end of this career using the computer systems such as Emoney and FieldNet. This allowed me to create graphs, charts, and complete financial plans that would provide a sense of clarity to clients. Since the beginning of the internship I was also completing my securities and insurance licenses. 

I learned how to communicate with professionals in the financial industry and know the language used. I successfully got my securities licenses and insurance licenses. This internship has allowed me to build a sense of confidence in myself that allows me to be comfortable being uncomfortable and no question is a bad question. Throughout this internship it has solidified my decision to follow in my family’s footsteps of being an advisor. 

My advice to others is to get yourself out there and network. The more people you know the better. Put the time to study and ask lots of question because you don’t know, what you don’t know.