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Frequently Asked Questions

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See the event planning tool for a complete outline of what you will need.

  • University Center Ballroom, Falcon's Nest and some outdoor events

    • No later than 30 days prior to the event including all technology and room setup requests.

    • The reservation will be placed in a tentative status until all booking details have been received.

    • Reservations that do not provide these details by 30 days before the event will be canceled or late fees will apply.

    • The only exception to this policy is the details for final head count which need to be received 14 days prior to the event. Catering due dates also must be followed.

  • Regular meeting room

    • At least three business days before the first meeting.

Note: The first opportunity for UWRF recognized student organizations to request a recurring room reservation for the next academic year is April 1.

  • No, if your event is canceled a minimum of three days (72 hours) prior to the start of your event.

  • Yes, if you do not cancel your event. Non-cancellation of space can result in loss or damage of equipment so a fee will be invoiced to your group.

Yes, but additional fees may apply. Please contact Campus Reservations for more information about scheduling space outside of normal building hours.

To browse space availability before making a reservation request, please go to the to see what is already scheduled. You may also contact campus reservations to discuss your needs.  The friendly staff in the campus reservations office can help you find the best space to fit your needs.

Please contact the Campus Reservations office for assistance with scheduling.  E-mail them at with the details of the space(s) you'd like to reserve. 


Recognized Student Organizations should read your room reservation confirmation closely.  Fees, if any, will be spelled out in detail.  Generally, a regular meeting room with no special set up does not incurr a fee.  For more complex events in the Ballroom or Falcon's Nest, there will be fees.  Campus Reservations may require a meeting with your group in which the Production Services staff can outline specific fees a minimum of 30 days ahead of your event. An updated confirmation with the equipment and the approximate labor cost will be sent after the meeting.

  • Only Recognized Student Organizations are allowed to provide pre-packaged and/or prepared and delivered food (no homemade items) and non-alcoholic beverages in connection with authorized meetings and events held in the University Center as long as the total value does not exceed $100.

  • If the total value exceeds $100, the Recognized Student Organization is required to cater the event through the food service contractor via

  •  Any group/department other than a Recognized Student Organization is required to cater events through the food service contractor via

  • Brown bag lunch meetings/programs are permitted as long as the brown bag lunches are consumed by the individual bringing the lunch.

  • You can have "pot luck" type events in buildings other than the University Center on campus.

Anyone wishing to exhibit a motion picture on campus must provide documentation as to where the license was obtained. For more detailed information, visit the movie rights page.

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