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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • University Center Ballroom, Falcon's Nest and some outdoor events

    • Please have your requests submitted 30 days prior to the event including all technology and room setup requests.

    • The reservation will be placed in a tentative status until all booking details have been received.

    • Providing these details at least 30 days prior to your event will allow us to provide space, equipment or labor for events.

    • Details for final head count need to be received 14 days prior to the event. Catering due dates also must be followed.

  • Regular meeting room

    • At least three business days before the first meeting.


  • Recognized Student Organizations may sponsor a "food truck" for an event being hosted outside of the University Center. Please see the Recognized Student Organization Handbook for details.

  • Recognized Student Organizations may contact to arrange full-service catering for events anywhere on campus.  In addition, a specially priced menu is available for groups to pick up through the Chartwells dining contractor.  

  • Recognized Student Organizations are allowed to provide pre-packaged and or prepared purchased food (no homemade items) and non-alcoholic beverages in conjunction with scheduled meetings in the University Center as long as the total value of what is purchased does not exceed $100.

  • Brown bag lunch meetings/programs are permitted as long as the brown bag lunches are consumed by the individual bringing the lunch.

  • "pot luck" type events are not allowed in the University Center. 

  • New for 2022 - 2023 Pricing for event services: Fees in the University Center have been updated to make using the facility more accessible to recognized student organizations through the Segregated Fees paid by all UWRF students. The UC Ballroom and the Falcon's Nest spaces are now set at reduced and fixed rates inclusive of room fees, and base equipment and labor. Additionally, University Center audio/visual and event equipment and associated labor is available to recognized student organizations at no charge. Student organizations may be charged when equipment and/or services must be provided from a source outside of the University Center contractor.
  • Contact to discuss the details associated with the support or special equipment that you may need for an RSO sponsored event.

Once you have reserved the bon-fire pit at the University Center, it is your responsibility to take the following steps to provide a safe enviironment for your group and guests at the event.

BEFORE THE EVENT: Someone from your group must meet the University Center Building Manager at the UC Information desk at least 15 minutes before your event is scheduled to begin.

The University Center Manager will provide a bucket and fire extinguisher. These must be returned to the Information Desk at the end of your event.

The University Center Manager will start the fire and provide wood for you. 

DURING THE EVENT: Have someone watching the fire at all times. Please keep the safety of your participants in mind.

Be prepared that your fire may need to be canceled at the last minute due to high winds, dry surrounding vegetation, burning bans or inclement weather.

AT THE END OF THE EVENT: Let the fire burn down and then drench with water using the provided bucket. Make sure the fire is completely out.

Clean up any debris around the fire pit and return the bucket and fire extinguisher to the UC Information Desk.

Please read the informational sign posted at each of the UWRF bon-fire pits to ensure a safe event.


  • University Departments may contact to arrange full-service catering for events anywhere on campus.  In addition, a specially price menu is available for all groups to pick up pre-packaged catering options through the Chartwells dining contractor.

  • University Departments may host events and let individuals bring their own "brown bag" lunch type items to the meeting or event.

  • Pot-luck events are not allowed in the University Center, but University Departments may host similar shareable items within their own office in buildings across campus.

  • University Deparmtents may sponsor a "food truck" for an event being hosted outside of the University Center.

Anyone wishing to exhibit a motion picture on campus must provide documentation as to where the license was obtained. For more detailed information, visit the movie rights page.


Mazevo Tips

You may be trying to reserve a space within the time frame not allowed by settings in the system. Most rooms need to be requested at least 24 hours ahead of the start time of the event. Some spaces require up to five days lead time for requesting the space to allow for facility and event management staffing requirements.

From the Mazevo landing page, click [My Events], click on a reservation from the list for an event happening at least two days ahead of today’s date, click on a booking on the existing reservation, click the Change Event button and scroll down and click on the “Add More Bookings” option. This opens a new calendar of date/time/place.

Add more bookings

Contact if you have more questions.

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