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The Board of Regents has established the following guidelines regarding alcohol per UWS 18.06(13). The use or possession of alcohol beverages is prohibited on all University premises, except in faculty and staff housing and as permitted by the chief administrative officer, subject to the statutory age restrictions. The chief administrative officer may generally permit the use of possession of alcohol beverages by promulgating institutional regulations in consultation with appropriate staff and students, or in specific instances by written permission.

  1. Approval for catering alcohol beverage service is subject to the discretion of the Chancellor or his/her designee provided that such sales are at suitable times under decorous conditions and meet all provision of UW 18.06(13).
  2. All requests for alcohol beverage service must be catered through the UWRF Campus Food Service Contractor.
  3. When alcohol is requested for events, the event must have a particular program-related function. It must have a stated, specific programmatic purpose other than the mere consumption of food and beverage in a group setting.
  4. Guidelines for those groups requesting alcohol service at events/programs include:
    1. The administration of alcohol beverage service is the responsibility of the Director of University Dining Services with an approval made by the Chancellor. Once the approval has been granted, no changes to the alcohol request may be made.
    2. The contracted food service provider is the sole vendor of alcohol beverages for the University. As such, they will provide all necessary qualified personnel for dispensing alcohol beverages, obtaining and maintaining the necessary licenses, stamps, permits and cleanup. No organization shall be allowed to supply their own alcohol beverages.
    3. Alcohol beverages must be served in accordance with statutory limitations of the State of Wisconsin. No person under the legal drinking age will be served. Identification will be verified by a photo ID with a date of birth indicated. Identification will be verified at the point of sale, or at the entrance to the facility in which alcohol beverages will be available.
    4. The University is responsible for determining those facilities in which alcohol beverages may be served for catered events. Only those areas on campus that have appropriate and adequate facilities for the service of alcohol beverages shall be utilized.
    5. All alcohol beverages must be consumed within the room in which they are sold, catered or served.
    6. The length of alcohol beverage service will be approved by the Director of Dining Services. For events in which a cash bar precedes a meal, a time period of one hour before and one hour after the meal shall be considered reasonable.
    7. Sponsoring organizations must be familiar with all University alcohol beverage service guidelines and accept responsibility for assisting in proper identification, restricting consumption to authorized areas, and accepting financial responsibility for any vandalism/damage associated with the event when alcohol beverages are served.
    8. All alcohol beverages must be purchased by the glass/bottle, one at a time, on a cash basis upon presentation of a valid ID.
    9. There will be no free beverage or modified price beverage unless special conditions exist. Approval must be obtained from the Director of Dining Services.
    10. Tap beer is limited to 1/2 barrel per 100 persons. No additional kegs may be purchased during the event.
  5. Supervision -The sponsoring organization must provide adequate supervision within and around the premises to ensure that malicious damage and abusive behavior does not occur. The supervisors shall immediately contact University Police (3133) if it is determined that a situation needs additional assistance or violations of the alcohol policy/law occur. Alcohol beverages shall not be furnished to minors by legal age adults.
  6. Minimum Sales Arrangement - A minimum sales requirement has been established for all groups to guarantee the food contractor that there will be sufficient sales to cover the costs associated with the event. These minimums can be discussed with the food contractor direct via e-mail at or via phone at 715-425-3698. If the minimum sales guarantee is not met, the contractor will invoice the sponsoring organization for the difference between the gross sales and the stated minimum guarantee for the hours the bar was open. The billing shall be stated as labor cost and made payable to the food contractor.


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