Career Opportunities

Geologists are involved in many exciting and important tasks, such as:

  • searching for energy resources such as petroleum, coal, natural gas and geothermal energy;
  • studying the movement and quality of ground water resources;
  • the discovery, mining and reclamation of mineral deposits;
  • studying earthquake faults and volcanoes, trying to predict their behavior and preventing the damage they do;
  • excavating and evaluating dinosaur and other fossil sites;
  • designing and monitoring dams, highways, and landfill sites;
  • looking for meteorites in Antarctica.

Geologists’ jobs may have them working on problems of their home town or traveling to the far corners of the earth. They may be doing basic field work in the wilderness one day and utilizing the most sophisticated analytical and computer equipment the next.

Meaningful careers are open to those with bachelor’s degrees, with expanded opportunities for those who go on to receive graduate degrees.

Geology graduates may work in the following fields:

  • Mineral exploration
  • Petroleum geology
  • Engineering geology
  • Environmental geology
  • Geohydrology
  • Paleontology
  • and work at universities in a diverse set of subjects 

Major employers could include: 

  • Engineering and geological consulting firms
  • Hydrological and environmental consulants
  • State and federal agencies
  • Mining companies
  • Museums
  • Universities and colleges
  • Secondary schools
  • Petroleum exploration
  • Production companies

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