Chalmer Davee Library

Strategic Plan 2016-18


The Chalmer Davee Library advances the university's culture of learning by providing authoritative resources and professional services, and supports the teaching, learning and research efforts of our students, faculty, staff, and the community.


The library's goals are based on the framework recommended by the Association of College and Research Libraries' Standards for Libraries in Higher Education. The Standards consist of nine principles and related performance indicators that reflect the core roles and contributions of academic libraries.  The principles describe what an academic library should be expected to accomplish in support of its parent institution's mission.

The Chalmer Davee Library will focus its goals for 2016-2018 on selected performance indicators related to six of the principles: collections, discovery, educational role, external relations, institutional effectiveness, and space.  The goals related to each of the selected principles and performance indicators will allow the library to accomplish its mission and support the university's strategic plan, Pathways to Distinction.

Collections: The library provides access to collection sufficient in quality, depth, diversity, format, and currency to support the research and teaching mission of the institution.

Goal 1: Expand access to the results of undergraduate research to the Minds@UWRF institutional repository.

Goal 2: Analyze usage of library resources in various formats (e.g., books, ebooks, CDs and DVDs, streaming media) and adjust collection development policies appropriately.

Goal 3: Evaluate library collections outside of the main stacks (e.g., general interest magazines, popular literature, K-12 textbooks, reference) and adjust scope and location of the collections as needed.

Goal 4: Continue to digitize unique archival materials and develop a public interface for the corresponding digital collections.

Goal 5: Collaborate with Textbook Services to expand access to library resources that also support the needs of Textbook Services.

Discovery: The library enables users to discover information in all formats through effective use of technology and organization of knowledge.

Goal 1: Implement the new Primo interface to enhance the discoverability of information and improve the user experience.

Goal 2: Evaluate the library's implementation of LibGuides, our approach to creating them, and how to optimize their use to serve online users.

Educational Role: The library partners in the educational mission of the university to develop and support information literate learners who can discover, access, and use information effectively for academic success, research, and lifelong learning.

Goal 1: Promote individualized reference service to students through librarian liaison program.

Goal 2: Investigate alternative methods for students to obtain research assistance in addition to traditional face-to-face, phone, and e-mail communications.

Goal 3: Work with First Year Adventure instructors to incorporate information literacy concepts and basic knowledge of library services and resources into their classes.

Goal 4: Increase accessibility to library services and spaces by restoring hours in the library and the University Archives and Area Research Center.

External Relations: The library engages the campus and broader community through multiple strategies in order to advocate, educate, and promote their value.

Goal 1: Promote library programs and services more broadly to community members.

Goal 2: Update materials related to the Chalmer Davee Library Endowment Fund and develop a plan to raise awareness of the endowment to an external audience.

Goal 3: Expand partnerships with the public library  to promote library use and expand programming.

Institutional Effectiveness: The library defines, develops, and measures outcomes that contribute to institutional effectiveness and applies findings for purposes of continuous improvement.

Goal 1: Develop the infrastructure and procedures to securely acquire, organize, and maintain electronic university records. Begin collecting the electronic records of selected higher level administrative offices including the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost. 

Goal 2: Identify priorities for staff development and develop a formal, ongoing staff development program.

Goal 3: Work with the Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries to increase collaboration across the University of Wisconsin System to improve library services provided to the university community (e.g., shared electronic collection, utilizing Alma to manage the Area Research Center transfer system). 

Space: Libraries are intellectual commons where users interact with ideas in both physical and virtual environments to expand learning and facilitate the creation of new knowledge.

Goal 1: Identify and implement low cost/high impact options to strengthen the library's role as a welcoming and comfortable place for students.

Goal 2: Create a more convenient, appropriate, and effective space for holding public events.

Goal 3: Convert the current circulation desk into one service point for all areas of the library.

Goal 4: Remove the research help desk and reconfigure space for student use.

Goal 5: Evaluate office and work spaces for optimal functionality  and repurpose select spaces for public use.

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