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Where can you find the intellectual output of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls?

The students, staff and faculty at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls produce a plethora of scholarly materials each year. These scholarly materials include research conducted by faculty and staff, UWRF student papers and projects, UWRF conference proceedings and papers, various reports and articles produced by campus institutes and organizations and much more. 

But where can you find examples of these materials?

On Web pages that may or may not be there tomorrow?     
In journals that the library cannot afford to purchase?
Locked away in a filing cabinet? 
Scattered across campus? Lost? Nowhere? 

Well, now there is a place where all the examples come together...

MINDS@UW-River Falls! 

MINDS Logo and Puzzle

MINDS@UW-River Falls is an open access institutional repository designed to capture, store, index and preserve the intellectual output of the university in one central location.  MINDS@UW-River Falls is part of a larger institutional repository called MINDS@UW. 

We would like to invite you to join us in developing this institutional repository for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Please view our resources for more information or for a quick overview of the project, view our informational brochure. If you have any questions or if you wish to participate in MINDS@UW-River Falls, please see our contact information. 

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