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UW-River Falls offers a variety of opportunities wherein faculty/instructional academic staff can teach abroad on one of our established education abroad programs. Spending time abroad can be a very rewarding and enriching experience. Not only will you be able to mentor our students in meaningful ways, it may enable you to undertake a research project in your area of specialization, to gain access to a special collection in a library abroad, get in touch with colleagues at international universities, or provide new insights to enhance your teaching at home. 

Given the current budget environment, before you consider teaching abroad you should have a discussion with your Department Chair, who may also confer with the Dean of your college. 

Teaching abroad opportunities are available in the following programs (click the program title for more information):

Why teach abroad? See what some of your peers have to say about their experience:

Faye Perkins, Health and Human Performance:
When teaching in Scotland and China, I worked to infuse the culture of the country into my teaching.  This provided an opportunity to develop a deeper, multicultural understanding of my content area that I really hadn't accomplished prior to my international teaching experiences.  Infusing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, meditation, traditional Scottish dancing, and dietary differences were just a few of the topics that enriched my teaching.  When living abroad with a group of students, you also develop a deep relationship with your students by sharing incredible experiences with each other.

Teaching in Scotland also provided an unbelievable opportunity for my family (two sons and husband) to experience living in Scotland for extended periods.  My two sons attended the Dalkeith public elementary school for one semester when they were 6 and 9 which inspired them to be international travelers--one was a foreign exchange high school student in Germany for one year and the other studied in Spain during his college program.