About the ILab Working Group

At the request of the UWRF Administration and the Faculty Senate (September 21), the International Programs Committee is helping to form a Working Group to participate in this year's cohort of eight institutions of the American Council of Education's (ACE's) Internationalization Laboratory.   

The Internationalization Laboratory is a tool for institutions to further internationalize their campuses.  Over the course of the next 18 months, the Working Group will be responsible for (1) conducting an environmental scan of efforts international at UWRF, (2) examining student learning outcomes, and (3) establishing a prioritized strategic plan for further internationalizing UWRF.  The Laboratory will build on current strengths and proceed with an awareness of and in tandem with the on-going work of internationalization on campus and the campus's current endeavor to forge a campus-wide strategic plan for the upcoming five years.  

Three areas where the Laboratory might be expected to make a difference are in (1) faculty development, (2) curriculum, and (3) infrastructure.    

The Working Group is to be composed of three academic staff members working in UWRF's efforts to internationalize the campus (appointed by the provost/chancellor), one student member (appointed by the Student Senate), and five faculty (one from each college and a chair, appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee).    

The Working Group will likely function with "subcommittees" (composed of interested faculty and staff not necessarily on the Working Group itself).

Internationalization Laboratory