Broad Field Social Studies

Why major in Broad Field Social Studies?

  • The program prepares you to teach social studies at the secondary level (grades 4-12).
  • It meets the Wisconsin licensure requirements for teaching broad field social studies, and it helps prepare you for licensure in many other states contingent on the exact requirements of each state.
  • It can also be an entry point to a variety of graduate programs and professional schools.
  • It is a source of valuable life skills including proficiency in professional writing, organization, research analysis, public speaking, and many other skills needed to be a successful teacher.

Built-in experience!

  • To prepare you for student teaching, you begin observing in classrooms during your first semester at UW-River Falls and continue to observe a specific amount in subsequent semesters in both rural and urban schools to experience a variety of teaching environments.

Broad Field Social Studies major

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A testimonial

"I majored in broad field social studies because I am a history nut! My high school history teacher was really inspirational to me and I realized that I would love to teach this subject too."  —Matthew Ortt