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Questions you’ve been asking


Will there be COVID-19 testing spring semester?

Yes. UWRF will be introducing mandatory testing, in line with UW System Policy. Testing will be once per week for students living on campus, while those living off campus but coming to campus on a regular basis will need to be tested once every two weeks.

Is there required testing for UWRF employees?

Yes. UWRF employees working on campus will also be required to be tested every two weeks, in line with UW System Policy.

How do I provide documentation from previous test results and what will be accepted?

Submit an exception request using the portal and provide documented proof of either having tested negative or positive. To find the exception request form, log into the COVID-19 portal, click on the Test Obligations button. Under the Current Obligations section, you will find a button labeled Request an Exception. Select the appropriate reason. Once you provide us with the details and save your request, you will be prompted to upload supporting documentation, such as a previous test result. You can also download our visual direction guide here.

  • Negative tests must be completed within the last seven days of the current date or within your obligation date range.
  • Tested positive with a PCR test in the last 90 days and completed your isolation time. You will be excluded from testing for 90 days from the test date.
  • If you tested positive with only an antigen test, you will not receive an exclusion from testing as antigen tests are not recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as a confirmatory test. You may upload the test to get an exception for your current obligation only.

What is the new WI Exposure Notification app? Am I required to get it?

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) launched its WI Exposure Notification application last week in an effort to help stop the spread of the virus within the state. The app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to help identify potential exposure. To learn more specifics about how the app works, visit the DHS website at

UWRF is not requiring our students, faculty, and staff to download the application. We are providing you with this information as part of our commitment to creating and maintaining a community of care.

Is COVID-19 testing available for UWRF employees and community members?

Yes. UWRF opened the testing site on November 10 and it will remain open through January 22. Since November, more than 8,500 employees and community members  took advantage of the rapid-results screening and testing program. Those interested in receiving a COVID-19 test must pre-register here.

UW-River Falls will wrap-up its free COVID-19 testing site on January 22.