Commencement 2017

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Cap and Gown

Now until November 15

All Graduate & Masters items must be pre-ordered including Hoods in the Falcon Shop or online

Now until November 8

Faculty Regalia Rental ordering begins. Contact Falcon Shop Directly at or 715-425-3962

Now until October 12

Last day for Pre-order special pricing for Graduate and Undergraduate at

October 13 - November 15

Pre-orders continue in store at a higher price.

October 12 - December 13

Undergraduate In-Store Sales: Tassels, Caps, and Gowns. Sold as a unit or sold seperately.

Countdown on November 14

Pre-Orders available at Countdown to Commencement in University Ballroom 2:00PM to 3:30PM
*or Pickup in Falcon Shop until Commencement Day



Official Commencement Info - Registrar's Office

Order online from Herffjones

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