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Online Teaching Institute


All faculty members and instructional academic staff members are welcome to apply.

Individuals may participate in the Online Teaching Institute (OTI) to develop a new course or to redesign an existing face-to-face course for online delivery. OTI will help individuals think through the pedagogy of online teaching in addition to learning more about the technology used to deliver the course.

Beginning in Spring 2020, individuals may NOT participate in OTI while also teaching, in an online format, the course they are developing through the OTI.


  • Each participant receives a payment of $1,000 per course credit at the time the course is delivered online for the first time. 
  • Five individuals will be selected to participate in the OTI program each semester based on their application answers and adherence to the instructions. Preference may also be given to those who have not participated recently.
  • Because funding for participants is distributed to individuals when the designated course is offered online, participants are asked to discuss plans with corresponding department chairs, program directors, and/or deans to confirm that the planned course is appropriate as an online offering and the participant will be listed as the instructor on record to teach this course during an upcoming term.
  • The Online Teaching Institute is funded by revenue generated by fees associated with online courses, see University's online course fee policy.

Schedule of Meetings

  • Participants will meet with other colleagues and the instructional designer as they develop their courses, but participants are encouraged to schedule additional individual meetings as needed.
  • It is difficult to identify times when all faculty members are available to meet at the same time. Once a cohort has formed for the semester, meetings will be scheduled to try to accommodate all participants.


  • Complete application form (below) including appropriate signatures, for the appropriate round (see listing below).
  • Name the file as: award name, last name, and first name ie: OTI - Smith - Will
  • Submit completed application to and include the department chair/supervisor and dean of your college in the email submission.
  • Application is due no later than 4:30 p.m. on due date.

Spring 2020 Application Due: December 7, 2020

Summer and Fall 2020 Application Due: March 9, 2020

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