Online Teaching Foundations (OTF)

Faculty and Academic Staff Development

This training fulfills UWRF Faculty Senate motion 2017-18/126 Distance Education Qualification articles, 4.14.1 Faculty and Staff Requirements for teaching online courses and 4.14.2 Training in Distance Education. View.

Online Teaching Foundations (OTF) is a self-guided online course that focuses on concepts in developing online content to engage learners with quality online assessment design practice and teaching methods. Independently, faculty work through modules discovering how to apply multiple strategies to engage students, explain practices in creating or locating online instructional content, summarize practices associated with assessment design, and utilize several discipline-specific teaching methods applicable to their own teaching course plans.

Following each course module prompt, faculty will write a reflective journal connecting the Online Teaching Foundations material to their own course development and course content planning.

OTF Important Dates - Spring 2021 

Last day to request enrollment

February 12

Start date for OTF access

March 1

End date for OTF access

March 29

Reflection submission due

March 29

Instructional design feedback 

April 16


Once the request is received, you will be contacted by the instructional designer who will grant access, share the requirements of OTF, answer questions and although it is not necessary, assist with scheduling a meeting to discuss content applications to course development ideas documented in your reflection.

Upon completion of the course, faculty will submit their reflective journal for evaluation and feedback from the TLT department instructional designer. The reflective journal will be returned to the faculty with feedback.


  • Participants receive a certificate of completion after submitting a reflection that meets the OTF requirements.
  • Your Activity Insight profile will be updated to indicate completion of this course.

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