Faculty and Academic Staff Development

Academic Staff Professional Development


The UW-System Academic Staff Professional Development Program has been established to facilitate individual professional development that contributes to the needs of the institution.

The program has three main objectives:

Individual Professional Development

Providing an opportunity for academic staff to enhance their effectiveness in meeting changing needs and roles in higher education

Improved Program Quality

Contributing to improving program vitality during a period of anticipated resource constraints and rapidly changing administrative and educational needs

Improved Institutional Effectiveness

Enhancing and refining those abilities most directly related to the mission and goals of UW-River Falls


  • Projects that impact groups of academic staff members rather than individuals. For example, higher priority would be given to a project that would offer an on-campus workshop for a group of academic staff members than to a project that would provide for off-campus conference attendance for one staff member.
  • Projects that support the diversity university may be given priority consideration. Other issues of current concern may be identified and specified in the call for proposals.
  • The focus of activities should be on improving effectiveness of staff in their current roles rather than in enhancing abilities that allow the staff member to compete for a more responsible position.


  • No more than one award will be given an individual during a fiscal year.
  • Consideration will be given to the cost effectiveness of the project.
  • The award does not provide leave for formal study leading to a degree.
  • Salaries cannot be included, nor can unspecified "miscellaneous" expenses be listed under budget
  • Other considerations of the committee will be: to what extent does the plan address a clearly identified individual, professional or program quality need? Is the plan realistic? Are the details well described?

Review Committee

All proposals will be evaluated by the Faculty Professional Development Committee of the Faculty and Academic Staff Development Board.

  • The individual committee members will review applications and the full committee will meet and
  • Divide proposals into order recommended for funding by the individual committee members.
  • Rank those that are recommended for funding in priority order.
  • Send proposals back to their authors for modifications, if needed.
  • The results of the committee's deliberations will be forwarded to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs for review and notification.


  • Complete application form including appropriate signatures, for the appropriate round (see listing below).
  • Name the file as: award name, last name, and first name ie: ASPD - Smith - Will
  • Submit completed application to and include the department chair/supervisor and dean of your college in the email submission.
  • Application is due no later than 4:30 p.m. on due date.

Round 1

Funding is contingent upon fiscal year budget.

  • Application usually is due in April. Check the exact date.
  • For travel that occurs between July 1 and September 30.
  • You may also apply for travel that occurs between
    October 1, 2019 and June 30 at this time.
  • If your plans are “tentative,” apply as the award can be returned. FASDB cannot retroactively fund you.

Round 2

Funding is contingent upon money available after Round 1.

  • Application usually is due in September. Check the exact date.
  • For travel that occurs between October 1 and February 28.
  • You may also apply at this time for travel that occurs between
    March 1, 2019 and June 30.
  • If your plans are “tentative,” apply as the award can be returned. FASDB cannot retroactively fund you.

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